Subject: Sawflies
Location: Southwest MI, USA
October 18, 2013 4:08 pm
Happened to see this fellow on a marigold. Had never seen one before but after looking online, my best guess it is some sort of sawfly. Can you identify it for me?
Signature: d.k. dodge

Possibly Male Ichneumon

Possibly Male Ichneumon

Hi d.k. dodge,
We believe this is a male Ichneumon, and that family, according to BugGuide, contains:  “About 5,000 described species in North America, possibly 3,000 more undescribed(2); arguably, the largest animal family, with the estimated 60,000 species worldwide (up to 100,000, according to some estimates.”  We have contacted Eric Eaton for confirmation.

Eric Eaton confirms
Yes, an ichneumon.  Not sure what gender, though.  Not all female ichneumons have a visible ovipositor.

Thank you.  The body type would be consistent with many ichneumons, so I’m not surprised.  I anxiously await more confirmation.

Location: michigan

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