Subject: Grasshopper Like Fly
Location: Brewton, Alabama
October 14, 2013 12:28 pm
I’ve never seen this type of bug before it’s like a cross between a grasshopper, a fly, and a wasp all at the same time. Can you please tell me what this is?
Signature: Erica C.

Ensign Wasp

Ensign Wasp

Dear Erica,
We guessed correctly from your subject line that you were inquiring about an Ensign Wasp.  Ensign Wasps are parasitic and they prey upon the ootheca of Cockroaches, which means they are a natural means of controlling the household pests.

Location: Brewton, Alabama

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  1. Clint Blackwelder says:

    Stumbled across this after eliminating what I first thought was a housefly, but on some intense steroids. On closer examination the distinct wasp-like abdomen made me curious. Now I am kicking myself for shooting first and asking questions later. If I see another one, I’ll leave out a tin of water and a welcome mat. Thanks for the info.

    Spotted 08/25/2018 Jacksonville, Fl 18:30

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