Subject: Beetle type carapace, Australia
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
October 11, 2013 6:01 pm
I found a few of these large empty outer shells of beetle type bugs in my garden. They measured about 1.5 – 2 inches in length. Head and pincers indicated a beetle. They are well camouflaged on the tree. This one was still stuck to the tree although the creature inside the shell exoskeleton has gone – perhaps it was eaten? Or it has shed its skin. What bug made these? Location is in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia.
Signature: Charlotte

Cicada Exuvia

Cicada Exuvia

Hi Charlotte,
This is the exuvia or cast off larval exoskeleton of a Cicada.  The immature Cicada lives underground feeding on plant roots.  When it approaches maturity, it digs to the surface and molts for the final time.  A winged Cicada emerges, leaving the exuvia behind.  Australia is home to a very diverse population of Cicadas, many with colorful names like Green Grocer and Double Drummer.

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Location: Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

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