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Headless mantis goes on as if nothing at all had happened
Location: Parkersburg, WV
October 9, 2013
I tried to submit another pic a couple of times from my phone, but I couldn’t get the submission form to go through on the mobile version.   Consequently, I have no idea whether it went through multiple times or didn’t go through at all.   In case it didn’t:
Headless mantis goes on as if nothing at all had happened:
This mantis was part of a mating pair I happened upon yesterday.  I saw him with a head and then without one, so I figured he wasn’t long for the world.   Imagine my surprise to find him the next morning, quite headless, going at what I would consider a normal mantis clip around the garden.   He walked on the mulch and climbed a butterfly bush as if nothing had happened.  I have no explanation for this.   I didn’t know a mantis could do this, although I’ve heard this sort of story regarding the odd chicken.
Here he is, quite upright, and grasped at a leaf I brushed against him.
Thanks for your time and expertise!

Headless Preying Mantis

Headless Preying Mantis

Hi Kitsa,
Thank you for this interesting report.  We have heard that a male Mantis will continue to mate if the female bites off his head, but we did not realize the ambulatory powers of a decapitated Mantis could last much longer than the mating activity.  Your photo is lacking in detail, but your verbal account of your observations is fascinating.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Parkersburg, West Virginia

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