Subject: Pest In OHIO
Location: Cincinnati Ohio
October 5, 2013 6:57 pm
Hello, i’ve been troubled by an insect for the past 3-4 years here in the ohio area. This insect seems to have followed me from one apartment to another 40 miles away.
I am a video gamer, and this insect has exhibited the strange desire, several times now, to crawl onto my foot while i am playing video games. I have captured one tonight inside a ziplock baggie and would appreciate your help in both identifying the species, as well as better understanding the nature of this insect and why it seems to like crawling around on my body and in my apartment. Of course if you can tell me which species it is, i would be much more capable of conducting further research myself. Is it nesting inside something i own or do i have some habit that causes this type of insect to seek me out?
I have taken several more pictures than i am actually able to submit. I have also a 30 second video of this creature crawling around in the ziplock baggie. It’s inside a ziplock baggie and i can amuse myself taking pictures until my interest fades. I’ll be happy to provide additional images if necessary.
This insect has either 6 legs or 8 legs (2 are incredibly small, close to the head, and could easily be legs or some other appendage). In addition to these 8 legs, there are 5 additional attenae appendages of very similar length shape and color, 2 at the head, 3 at the rear. The creature is brownish in color, with a variation of darker black spots / stripes, and becomes whitish / redish around the legs.
I would sincerely appreciate your help in finding the name of this creature.
Signature: Sean



Hi Sean,
This is a Silverfish and they are common cosmopolitan household pests that are notoriously hard to eradicate.  They will eat a wide range of organic matter in the home, including the glue used to affix wallpaper and the glue used in old book bindings.


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Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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