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Subject: caterpillars
Location: Gueydan La. 70542
October 5, 2013 8:03 am
Hello, i found these caterpillars on my back porch in Gueydan La. 70542. on 10/5/2013. They look like they might be a moth caterpillar but i can not find the right I.D. on your sight, i am sure you have it, but i can not find it. You have an awsome site , i have i.d. several bugs and butterflies…. Thank you for your time and effort! I always recommend this site to my freinds and family.
Could you i.d. these caterpillars for me, i will send several pictures to you.
Thanks for your time….
Signature: brittany



Hi Brittany,
These are Southern Flannel Moth Caterpillars,
Megalopyge opercularis, and because they are stinging caterpillars, they are sometimes called Asps, especially in southern states.  They are also known as Puss Caterpillars according to BugGuide.



Thank you so much for the quick response and your time, i now have 4 Asps on my back porch..
Thanks for the warning that they sting.
Thank you, Brittany

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Gueydan, Louisianna

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  1. Melissa says:

    I am visiting my grandparents, and there are several asps on theyre back porch. My grandparents are 90 and 93 years old . I would hate for one of them to get stung. Strange thing is there arent any trees around so why are they here

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