Subject: Large Red Spider and Red web
Location: Weber, Florida
September 26, 2013 5:11 pm
A friend of mine lives in Florida. As she went out to get in the vehicle, she almost ran directly into this red spider. None of us know what type of spider this is, as we have never seen a red spider or one that spins a red web. Could you help me to Identify this one, and tell us if it is poisonous or not? Thank You so Much!
Signature: Madonna

Unnatural Red Glow Filter on Golden Silk Spider

Unnatural Red Glow Filter on Golden Silk Spider

Dear Madonna,
The unnatural red glow on this Golden Silk Spider,
Nephila clavipes, is quite jarring, but not as jarring as the Pest truck in the background with haf of its logo cropped out.  Golden Silk Spiders are not considered dangerous, but we are quite convinced they have very strong fangs that will easily pierce human skin.  Read about Old World Golden Silk Spiders.

Location: Weber, Florida

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