Subject: How are you at identifying idiots?
Location: My Entire Body (PDX, OR)
September 24, 2013 11:29 am
I think I must be one, idiot that is. Recovering myself from yet another bout of complete hysteria, I gathered myself together and decided to check my email. I noticed and opened the auto confirmation the system sent in reference to my first letter.
As I re-read it, I realized that my poorly worded letter seems to be asking you to look at hundreds of photos, and generously offers to let you view hundreds more if you can’t identify anything from the first few hundred. This cannot be further from what I was actually trying to ask. I only meant to ask if you wouldn’t mind looking at the three photos I submitted with my original inquiry and give me your opinion and if those three weren’t any good I meant I could choose another three from the hundreds that I have that might be better suited for identification. I apologize for any confusion. In my defense I claim my advanced age of 46 and what can only be massive blood loss from bed bugs.
The system required me to upload more photos. You might have to look closely at Image 3. In the bottom center of the picture is what I think is a scabie. Would love to be wrong though.
Signature: KillMeKnow

Possibly Scabies

Possibly Scabies

Dear KillMeKnow,
The best and surest method for a conclusive Scabies identification is to check with a physician.

Location: Portland, Oregon

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