Subject: Fishing Spider OR Nursery Web Spider?
Location: Newport, New Hampshire
September 23, 2013 9:43 pm
While out ”river walking” in the Sugar River, in Newport, New Hampshire, i saw this beauty.
I am NOT a big fan of spiders…in fact they terrify me. This one caught my eyes with its markings.
It seemed to be able to walk on water, and had very little fear as i walked around it. When i bent down to take a photo, i must have startled it, because it ran very fast over the rocks, and left behind a few little droplets of a milky liquid.
*On Google Maps, it was seen in Newport, Sullivan County, New Hampshire. Along the East side of the Sugar River, 400 feet West of 109 South Main Street.
Signature: Tiffanie

Fishing Spider:  Dolomedes vittatus

Fishing Spider: Dolomedes vittatus

Ed. Note:  We will write more in the morning.

Hi Tiffanie,
As a point of clarification, all Fishing Spiders are Nursery Web Spiders, but not all Nursery Web Spiders are Fishing Spiders.  The Fishing Spiders are in the genus
Dolomedes, and the genus is contained in the Nursery Web Spider family Pisauridae.  Nursery Web Spiders are among the most protective spider mothers with the female carrying around the egg sac in her chelicerae or fangs until she finds a suitable place to construct her nursery web.  She remains to guard the youngsters until she dies or they disperse.  Nursery Web Spiders including Fishing Spiders generally only survive a single season.  We believe your Fishing Spider is Dolomedes vittatus based on photos posted to BugGuide.  Fishing Spiders in the genus Dolomedes are often found near water and and you observed, they are capable of walking on water.  They can also dive beneath the surface and remain there for an extended period of time to escape predators and some even develop the skills to catch small fish and other aquatic life

Location: Newport, New Hampshire

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