Subject: flying bug
Location: bulgaria, varna area,
September 21, 2013 11:29 am
found in bulgaria, near coast, wooded area, it flys, but is docile, biggest we find is around 5 inch body length, 10 inch in total with the ”feelers at the front isnt uncommon..
they fly at around 45 degrees, ”head up” with the feelers up and over the head, quite scary when you 1st see one, very common around july time, in the kamchea region,
what is it??
Signature: wayne


Great Capricorn Beetle

Hi wayne,
This is a Longhorned Borer Beetle or Capricorn Beetle in the family Cerambycidae.  We will attempt to identify it to the species level.  We found a matching image on Danail Doychev’s Coleoptera page where it is identified as
Cerambyx cerdo.  We found a photo of Cerambyx cerdo in flight on Josef Hlasek’s Photo Gallery Wildlife Pictures.  According to Red List, it is a threatened species that has been listed as endangered at least as far back as 1986.  Arkive indicates:  “This large and beautiful beetle is among the largest of the European beetle species.”  The EU Wildlife and Sustainable Farming project 2009 has this helpful pdf available online.  Habitat loss is cited as a reason for the population decline.

many thanks, theres loads of these in kamchia national park, bulgaria, and very large too, so lets hope they are not gonna be so endangered in the future,,,

Location: Varna, Bulgaria

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