Subject: Weird Caterpillar?
Location: Virginia
September 21, 2013 4:03 pm
Me and my friend found this what we think is a caterpillar. I have done so much research and can not seem to figure out what is it. Please help!
Signature: Thank you, Erica

Chrysalis of a Variegated Fritillary

Chrysalis of a Variegated Fritillary

Hi Erica,
This looks to us like the Chrysalis of a Variegated Fritillary,
Euptoieta claudia, and it should eventually produce a lovely orange and black adult Variegated Fritillary.  The chrysalis is a dormant state in the metamorphosis of a butterfly.  The mobile caterpillar feeds, and when it has reached the proper size and age, it molts into a stationary chrysalis where it rests until the adult butterfly emerges.

Location: Virginia

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  1. kay says:

    wow it’s so wonderful!

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