Subject: Trying to identify this bug
Location: Tunstall, Va (New Kent county)
September 18, 2013 9:15 am
Found a clump of these guys on my interior workshop door. Trying to figure out what they are. Thought it was a ladybug at first. Thanks.
Signature: Neal Furgurson

Florida Predatory Stink Bug Nymph

Florida Predatory Stink Bug Nymph

Hi Neal,
This is an immature Florida Predatory Stink Bug,
Euthyrhynchus floridanus, and you can read more about them on BugGuide.  Adults which mature in the autumn are commonly called Halloween Bugs because of the color and the facelike markings on the wings.

Thanks!! I did some more searching yesterday and came to the same conclusion! I posted it on my Facebook page and a friend replied about the Halloween bug. Very appreciative of your help. Thanks again.

Location: Tunstall, Virginia

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