Subject: Funnel Web or Trap Door Spider in Oklahoma
Location: Southeastern Oklahoma
September 15, 2013 8:44 am
I found this lady outside of our warehouse here in Southeast Oklahoma. Shiny black thorax and legs, brown abdomen with very short hairs. She was very aggressive. Any ideas one what it is? She looks like a funnel web spider or trap door spider but I have never seen one around here and I am interested to know the species. My coworkers were terrified as they are convinced it is a Sydney Funnel Web Spider, but that is a long way from home. Hope you have a better clue than I do! Second pic is the Australian big sister we fear.
Signature: Matt

Cork-Lid Trapdoor Spider

Cork-Lid Trapdoor Spider

Hi Matt,
This looks like a Cork-Lid Trapdoor Spider in the genus
Ummidia to us.  According to BugGuide:  “Dig tunnel in ground and seal with a silk-hinged lid. They hide under this lid and make forays out when prey is sensed, presumably by vibration. Males are often found wandering in late spring, presumably looking for mates.”  We believe your individual is a male.

Location: Oklahoma

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