Subject: metallic green and yellow beetle
Location: Harpers Ferry, WV
September 11, 2013 7:09 am
Hi Guys,
We saw this beautiful bug crawling around on our fireplace at the beginning of September. We’re in Harpers Ferry, WV on the Blue Ridge Mtn. We all love your site and refer to it often when trying to id a bug we find. Couldn’t find this one though.
Thanks for your help!
Signature: Bug loving family

Red Legged Buprestis

Red Legged Buprestis

Dear Bug Loving Family,
Your lovely Jewel Beetle is a Red Legged Buprestis,
Buprestis rufipes.


Location: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

One Response to Jewel Beetle: Red Legged Buprestis

  1. Lynn Barnickol says:

    I f found a red legged buprestid, jewel beetle, on my side walk in Wardsville, MO. I do have a declining black oak in my yard.

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