Subject: Huge ugly brown bug
Location: Brooklyn, NY
September 10, 2013 9:44 pm
Found this huge, ugly, brown bug on the wall outside my house. It hasn’t moved in over a week. I saw 2 of these same bugs last summer and if I remember correctly, they stayed there all summer. I live in brooklyn, ny and its been around 85 degrees for the past week here.
Signature: Leah

Cicada Exuvia

Cicada Exuvia

Hi Leah,
This is the exuvia or shed skin of a Cicada.  The nymph lives underground where it feeds on the sap from roots.  When it matures, it digs to the surface, molts for the final time leaving the exuvia behind and flies off as a winged adult Cicada.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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