Northern Two-Striped Walkingsticks Mating

Subject: Muskmare
Location: near Tell City, Indiana
September 8, 2013 2:27 pm
I took this picture yesterday in The Hoosier National Forest at the campground near Celina Lake in Southern Indiana. From the images on this website I believe it’s a mating pair of Muskmare but it seems that the other pictures of these guys were taken much further south. I’d just like to know for sure what they are.
Signature: Robin

Probably Northern Walkingsticks Mating
Probably Northern Walkingsticks Mating

Dear Robin,
In our opinion, this is a mating pair of Northern Walkingsticks, Diapheromera femorata, and not Muskmares.  See BugGuide for more information on the Northern Walkingstick.

Thanks a bunch Daniel but the northern walking stick doesn’t look anything
like what I saw. Please take a look at the photo I’ve attached below.
Thank you,

Hi Robin,
We will check with Eric Eaton and get his opinion.

We Stand Corrected:  Eric Eaton identifies Northern Two-Striped Walkingsticks
Wow, must be from southwest Indiana, as this is a mostly southern U.S. walkingstick, the Northern Two-striped Walkingstick, Anisomorpha ferruginea.  More from Bugguide:
Currently no records there from Indiana, and I wonder if it is even known from there period.  Please suggest the person post the image(s?) there.  Also, it is important to note these insects are well-known for squirting a milky substance from glands in the “neck” as a self-defense maneuver.  They aim for the eyes of their attacker and it is a serious matter if one gets sprayed (potential corneal damage).  Handling them is not recommended.

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