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Subject: Beetle Identification
Location: Malwa plateau,India
September 7, 2013 7:38 am
Hello Bugman,first time submitter long time visitor,great job you people are doing :).I have found some interesting critters from Madhya Pradesh, India and i am very good at following clues in my google searches but these two buggers i can’t identify (one is a hoverfly and second one is a beetle)..All photos are mine.BTW,what if i find a new species?
Signature: flyingbirdman

White Spotted Fruit Chafer

White Spotted Fruit Chafer

Dear flyingbirdman,
We believe we have correctly identified your Scarab Beetle as a White Spotted Fruit Chafer,
Mausoleopsis amabilis.  We began with a web search of “spotted scarab India” and found a funny blog called Elephant’s Eye with some photos that look very similar to your beetle.  Armed with a name, we found numerous sites including BioDiversity Explorer with images of the White Spotted Fruit Chafer from South Africa.  Project Noah places the species in India as well.  We will also attempt to identify your Hover Fly. 

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Malwa Plateau, India

7 Responses to Probably White Spotted Fruit Chafer from India

  1. Diana Studer says:

    here is another site
    I think ispot began in Britain, and various countries have joined in.

  2. flyingbirdman says:

    It does look like the white fruit chafer but i have to disagree,India shares many of its species with Africa so it may be possible that this beetle is a sub species of white chafer.Chafer is black and this one is metallic and the spots are different too.No luck on hoverfly then? Satpura hills have many insects I’ve never seen on the internet..Its okay,thanks for the help.

  3. Dominik Hofer says:

    This is Scarabaeidae, Cetoniinae, Protaetia alboguttata or Protaetia (Indoprotaetia) alboguttata with Protaetia being the genus and Indoprotaetia being the subgenus.

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