Subject: Folded grass house
Location: Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada
September 2, 2013 7:44 am
I love your site and have used it many times to identify insects that I have found. It is very helpful!
In July I came across this very neatly folded piece of grass (?) on the shoreline of an island in Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada. I’m wondering what could be hiding inside. Would it be some kind of caterpillar, or a spider? I was very impressed with the tidiness of the folds and seams. So far my internet searches haven’t worked out, so if you have any ideas of what created this, I would appreciate knowing.
Signature: Kristin

What's That Nest???

What’s That Nest???

Hi Kristin,
We believe this is most likely the shelter of an Orthopteran, a group that includes Crickets.  We recall reading once that there is an Orthopteran that fashions a shelter out of grass, but we cannot find the source of that information at this time.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to assist.

Unidentified Nest

Unidentified Nest

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your thoughts – now I’m a step closer!

Update from Kristin:  10 September 2013
Hi Daniel,
I did some more research (Google image searches for “insect+grass+nest, etc) and came across this blog post. It looks like the Leaf-curling Spider nest that this person found is pretty similar to the one I spotted. If I spot another one next summer, maybe I’ll cut it open and see for sure – I just didn’t want to disturb whoever was inside.

Hi Kristin,
Thanks for getting back to us.  It reminded us that Eric Eaton wrote back and we forgot to post or to notify you.
Congratulations for finding the information on your own.  We found a images on The Home Bug Garden of a Leaf Curling Spider Nest and the spider is in the genus

On September 4, Eric Eaton wrote back, but we forgot to post.
I would strongly suspect a spider in this case, but I can’t be certain.  Doubtful it is a Carolina Leafrolling Cricket, as they usually select trees.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the update. What cool things spiders can make!


Location: Ontario, Canada

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