Subject: Grasshopper – Immature – Montgomery County, OH
Location: Carriage Hill Metro Park – Montgomery County, OH
September 2, 2013 6:44 pm
Have narrowed this grasshopper down to the Melanopus family. Can you provide any more specific information on the species?
Thank you!
Signature: Christopher Collins

Possibly Two Striped Grasshopper

Possibly Two Striped Grasshopper

Dear Christopher,
Melanoplus (correct spelling) is a genus, not a family.  The family is Acrididae and that is a much broader term that includes all Short-Horned Grasshoppers.  Your individual looks very similar to this image of a Two Striped Grasshopper, Melanoplus bivittatus, from BugGuide, or this image, also from BugGuide.  Based on the photos posted to BugGuide, there is much variability in coloration and markings of the Two Striped Grasshopper.  BugGuide states:  “This is a very common and sometimes destructive species. Its sometimes rather urban habitats plus bold patterning and large size tend to get it noticed more than most grasshopper species.”

Location: Montgomery County, Ohio

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