Subject: Rainbow fly
Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa
September 1, 2013 4:16 am
I saw this one on new years eve in Freetown, a couple of years ago, do you have any idea what this bug is called.
Signature: Brgds

Wasp Moth:  Euchromia amoena

Wasp Moth: Euchromia amoena

Dear Brgds,
This turned out to be a much quicker and easier identification than we anticipated.  This is a Wasp Moth in the subfamily Arctininae, and when we looked up Wasp Moth, we found this similar looking species of Wasp Moth from India,
Euchromia elegantissima.  We then searched that genus in South Africa and found another posting in our archive of your species, Euchromia amoena.

Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone, West AFrica

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