Subject: Mantis??
Location: Southern Manatee county Florida
August 29, 2013 2:27 pm
Found this on the hood of my car yesterday and can’t find any thing like it online. I was wondering if anyone could identify it. Looks to me like a Mantis of some kind but I can get no closer than that. It was upside down and having trouble righting itself so I let it grab my fingers to get up. I was on my way to get my daughter from school so I was in a hurry and did not have time to take any more pix. It was sunny out and had not rained in a few days, found at 3pm.
Signature: R. Marmaro

Water Scorpion

Water Scorpion

Hi R. Marmaro,
Your mistaking this Water Scorpion is perfectly understandable.  Though unrelated, both have raptorial front legs for capturing prey.  Handle this Water Scorpion with care.  The common name refers to the painful bite they can deliver if accidentally encountered or carelessly handled, though it does make an attractive Buggy Accessory.  Though they are aquatic predators, Water Scorpions are capable of flying from one pond to another, which is especially helpful if their home dries out.

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Location: Manatee County, Florida

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