Subject: Is this a Shiny Green Beetles
Location: Odisha,India
August 27, 2013 3:33 am
Since some days I have been finding this beetle on my papaya tree, I am not able to find any harm cause to my plant or leaves.Can you please verify the bugs identification and do they harm the plants..?Looks Beautiful…..!!!!
Signature: Anand K

Lychee Shield Bug

Lychee Shield Bug

Dear Anand,
This is a Lychee Shield Bug,
Chrysocoris stolli, not a beetle.  True Bugs have mouths designed for piercing and sucking fluids, and many species that feed on plants are of agricultural significance.  We cannot locate a comprehensive list of food plants, however, this pdf (–1365851200-10. CHRYSOCORIS STOLLI -full ) from TransStellar might have some helpful information.

Location: Odisha, India

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