Subject: Angry Caterpillar/Worm
Location: Middletown, MD
August 26, 2013 6:33 am
Good morning!
My aunt took a picture of this caterpillar that she was attempting to rescue from the middle of a mid-Maryland road. Apparently it became quite aggressive, whipping around and shooting ”gunk” out of its sides. It’s hard to tell size from the pic, but she said it was as long as her hand from longest finger to wrist (and she has long hands). It also had horns all over its body. She said it was similar to the tomato eating caterpillars, but much larger and much more active/aggressive.
Signature: Thank you!! – chadrenne

Hickory Horned Devil

Hickory Horned Devil

Dear Chadrenne,
We always look forward to the first Hickory Horned Devil images of the year with mixed feelings as it is a signal of the end of summer.  The Hickory Horned Devil is likely the largest North American caterpillar, and despite its fearsome appearance and its aggressive behavior, it is perfectly harmless.  People have written comparing Hickory Horned Devils to Chinese dragons in the past, and that is a very understandable comparison.

Location: Middletown, Maryland

2 Responses to First Hickory Horned Devil of the season!!!

  1. Chadrenne says:

    Thank you very much!! Love your site 🙂

  2. Kateri Osburn says:

    I saw one of these this morning for the first time. I knew it wasn’t the tomato horn worm because of it’s bright red antenna and it’s size. It was huge. Glad I could find out what it is. Thank you for having a thorough website.

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