Subject: Polka dot wasp with orange butt
Location: SW Florida
August 2, 2013 6:43 am
Two are making a nest under my front porch in Eastern Sarasota County, Sarasota, Florida. What bee it???
Signature: Roger

Polka-Dot Wasp Moth

Polka-Dot Wasp Moth

Hi Roger,
The common name for this insect is Polka-Dot Wasp Moth.  It is a moth that mimics a stinging wasp for protection.  They are not making a nest.  Rather, this looks like the remains of a cocoon.  The caterpillar, which feeds on oleander, spun its cocoon in your eaves, and you didn’t notice anything until the moth[s] emerged.

Location: Florida

5 Responses to Polka-Dot Wasp Moths

  1. Sandy says:

    I live in Charlotte County, FL. and have seen the Polka Dot Wasp here only in the last two weeks, now I see the caterpillars on my Desert Rose plants. I thought the only went for the Oleander plant. New diet for them? What should I do to stop them from eating my plants?

  2. Rachelle says:

    I have also just found them on one of my desert rose plants. I have removed them. Do these caterpillars sting?

    • bugman says:

      The caterpillars do not sting. We do not provide extermination advice. We would recommend hand picking them if you do not want them.

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