Subject: Large Moth
Location: Kansas US
July 27, 2013 3:51 pm
What kind of moth is this? I found it on my porch this morning.
Signature: Ronda R

Polyphemus Moth

Polyphemus Moth

Dear Rhonda,
How fortunate you are to have had this Polyphemus Moth sighting in conjunction with National Moth Week.  The name Polyphemus Moth is taken from the cyclops of Greek mythology and refers to the eyespots on the lower wings which are hidden from view in your photograph.  Moths with eyespots on their underwings use them to frighten off larger predators by revealing the spots when they are disturbed.  We hope our own Elyria Canyon Moth Night event this evening brings us a few showy specimens. 

Location: Kansas

2 Responses to Polyphemus Moth

  1. Rinkrover says:

    I wanted to get the word out regarding the Polyphemus moth i found inside my house last night. We thought it was dying and placed it in a bush outside our front door. I found it on the front steps this am and again it couldn’t fly and seemed so weak. So I brought it inside and did some research. Turns out that 1. they will “play dead” as a survival technique, and 2. their wings needs to “warm up” before they can fly! So I placed her (discovered she was a female) in the sun outside and she jitters her wings for a minute and off she flew into the trees! I wanted to get the word out to anyone else that has this experience so there are too many premature specimens out there! Pics are available for anyone interested.

  2. Rinkrover says:

    Ps I’m in northern ohio.

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