Subject: Brilliant Colored Beetles
Location: 2 miles west of Olathe Kansas @ 27465 W 143RD ST
July 26, 2013 10:47 am
I found this pair of mating beetles on some milkweed adjacent to my flower bed at my home in Olathe KS. I was unable to identify it in either of my reference books. The attached picture is magnified to show some extra detail. The larger of the two beetles is approximately 8 millimeters in length and about 4 millimeters wide. I did not observe either of the two feeding although they were found on a small species of milkweed. Can you help with identification?
Signature: Mike Lewis

Dogbane Leaf Beetles

Dogbane Leaf Beetles

Hi Mike,
These are Dogbane Leaf Beetles,
Chrysochus auratus, and they are frequently found feeding upon the leaves of Milkweed.  They really do have lovely metallic colors.

Thanks, I have a Kaufman Field Guide and a National Wildlife Federation Field Guide. Both show color closeups of the Dogbane Leaf beetle and even after looking at both references I was unable to come up with that ID on my own. Thanks very much. ><}}}”>

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Location: Olathe, Kansas

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