Subject: Confused
Location: Uk, England, Bolton. In my bathroom.
July 18, 2013 9:52 pm
I have no idea what this insect is on my bathroom blind. It looks so angelic. The wings are like feathers. But it still creeps me out cause i’m terrified of bugs. Although i still want to know what this is because i have never seen one before in my life. (Probably cause i don’t go out much). It’s summer at the moment and really hot outside.
Thank you
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White Plume Moth

White Plume Moth

This is a White Plume Moth, Pterophorus pentadactyla, and according to the UK Moths website:  “Probably the most distinctive of the ‘Plume’ moths, and one of the largest. Its wings are deeply divided into several ‘fingers’, each of which is finely feathered, or plumed.  Quite common over much of Britain, inhabiting dry grassland, waste ground and gardens.   The adults fly from dusk onwards in June and July, and sometimes have a second generation in September.  The caterpillars overwinter and feed on bindweed (Convolvulus).”

Location: England

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  1. David Leyland says:

    Have a picture of one that I found in your
    Conservatory yesterday Very Beautiful.

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