Subject: What pretty eyelashes you have…
Location: Aurora, CO
July 18, 2013 10:45 pm
My husband spotted this beauty on the side of our house this evening. I’ve looked up several feather-horned beetles, but can’t find one quite like this one. Would you have any ideas?
Signature: Intrigued in CO

Lined June Beetle

Lined June Beetle

Dear Intrigued in CO,
This is a Lined June Beetle in the genus
Polyphylla.  We are not certain if it is our Bug of the Month, the Ten Lined June Beetle, or a closely related species.  Your individual is a male and he uses those highly developed antennae, which do resemble eyelashes, to locate females by sensing their pheromones.

Location: Aurora, Colorado

3 Responses to Lined June Beetle

  1. Joshua Beebe says:

    This same beetle showed up on our front porch in Washington today

  2. Lindsey R says:

    My son just found one sleeping on our porch with
    a pile of lil moths early this morning! I’ve never seen a junebug before so we went down the google rabbit hole! We’re in eastern washington. Though the same as this image otherwise, it doesn’t have the hand-tennas. Must be female?

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