Subject: Give me an ”H”! Bee Fly fun
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
July 19, 2013 2:07 pm
I checked and there is no Bee Fly like this one on your site yet. 🙂
I had a completely unexpected day in Stuttgart recently and rather than go to the Porsche or Mercedes Museums I walked around and found cool bugs. Really. 🙂
This one I just knew had to be a Bee Fly even though I didn’t know that existed as a general name (it seemed too simple). She had me fooled at first glance but then I was suspicious because despite the coloring and size, she didn’t act like a bee (or bumble bee which is a flurry of activity). In fact, she seemed quite annoyed that I even noticed her. 😀
In looking her up I stumbled upon a story of people playing with ”H” Bees as kids who were annoyed, even in denial they might have been playing with icky flies. Ha ha! We are so bug conditioned. I actually have found all new respect for flies since I discovered this great site.
Would be great to know more if you are able.
Signature: Curious Girl

Drone Fly

Drone Fly

Dear Curious Girl,
Alas, you are mistaken.  This is not a Bee Fly, but rather it is a Flower Fly in the family Syrphidae, more specifically a Drone Fly,
Eristalis tenax.  Many members of the family mimic bees and wasps.  We do have several images of adult Drone Flies on our site, and curiously, though they are a native European species, they have been introduced to North America.  Drone Fly larvae are found in stagnant water and they are known as Rat Tailed Maggots.

Well, that’s why I send the pics in to you. I am really amateur but I love finding out what something really is. Now though I am wondering why they get called “Drone” and “Flower” fly (especially rather than Bee). Funnily enough I had heard of rat-tailed maggots before but never would have put the two together. Thanks for the quick and proper ID.
My apologies for sending in a commonly submitted bug. 🙂

Dear Curious Girl,
Please do not apologize.  We do not have many Drone Fly images in our archives, and we are thrilled to have a recent image.  If you noticed, the link to the image we provided you is five years old.  We get considerably more images of Rat Tailed Maggots than we do of adult Drone Flies.

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

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