Subject: Dangerous bug or not?
Location: Rhode Island
July 17, 2013 3:24 pm
Dear Bugman,
I have this insect that looks like a type of wasp that has been hanging around my daughter’s swing set. We built a wooden frame and placed wood chips/mulch in it for the swing set area. The insect wasn’t aggressive and it let me take some close up pictures with my cell phone. I just want to make sure it is safe since it is spending a large amount of time around her swing set. I tried googling images and didn’t realize there are SO many types of wasps. Could you please help?
Signature: Sincerely,

Mydas Fly

Mydas Fly

Though it effectively mimics a stinging wasp, this is actually a harmless Mydas Fly.

Location: Rhode Island

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  1. Bruce Cox says:

    That was a very unique kind of insect! I also don’t have any idea what type of insect is that because it is also my first time to see that kind of insect. It was very creepy when you see it hand to hand even though it is only in the picture. Anyway, thanks for the information!

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