Pin Prick of a Hole
location:  Great Smoky Mountains
July 14, 2013
Hi Daniel,
It’s been a while, I know.  I hope you and Lisa have been happy, healthy, and busy.
For years now, I’ve noticed itsy-bitsy, extremely tiny holes in the pine boards from which we built our home surrounded by a relatively huge pile of sawdust.  You wouldn’t have any clue as to what tiny,”bug” is up to this task, would you?  ‘Preciate your time.
Thank you.
R.G. Marion
Great Smoky Mountains

Powderpost Beetle Damage, we believe

Powderpost Beetle Damage, we believe

Dear R.G.,
Our best guess on this is Powderpost Beetle Damage.  These are often small beetles with larvae that bore in the wood.  The holes are produced when the adult bores to the surface and emerges.  You can read about Powderpost Beetles on BugGuide.  There are also many fact sheets online, like the University of Kentucky Entomology site and the Penn State Entomology site.

Location: Tennessee

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