Subject: Beetle Dragonfly?
Location: Cleveland, GA
July 8, 2013 8:24 am
I’m really not sure on this one, but he’s about 4-5 inches long. It’s been sitting on my kitchen window since yesterday near porch light. It does not seem to be happy so I am not messing with him, and keeps turning those snippers towards me when I get close. I usually move insects away from the house in a cup rather than killing them, but may just let this one fly away on his own when ready. Your insight is much appreciated.

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Signature: Frog
8:48 AM (9 hours ago)
Hey Bugman,
I read up a bit more after I send message to you and found more info on the Dobson Fly. They only live 7 days as adults?
Well I have 4 females outside now, including the one I sent pics of, sittng near my porch light. Saw your other posts about it, and will be looking for male(s) to hopefully come in tonight. Will try to pics and send them as well, if I can catch them in the act.  🙂

Female Dobsonfly

Female Dobsonfly

Dear Frog,
We have posted your photo of a female Dobsonfly and we eagerly await the possibility of the long awaited mating photos of these magnificent creatures.

Awesome.  I’m going to stay up a bit tonight to watch these ladies. Another one just flew up. Seems like one has laid eggs near the light last night, and then dropped down. I helped her back up on the wall, but now has now disappeared. (there are a few frogs on the porch as well). Will send pics of the laying of eggs if all i can get. More soon.
You guys are great.  🙂

Location: Cleveland, Georgia

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