Subject: Painted Lichen Moth
Location: St. Peters Village, PA, USA
July 4, 2013 8:09 pm
I was able to identify this little stunner with a simple Google search, but I just had to share because he was such an impressive little specimen. He was a striking red with rich grey stripes that didn’t blur or blend at the edges at all. He was so bright that at first I though someone had lost a fishing lure. I found him on July 4th in southeastern Pennsylvania just sitting on the side of a boulder on a very hot and humid day. I hope you enjoy!
Signature: JKay

Painted Lichen Moth

Painted Lichen Moth

Dear JKay,
Thank you for sending your photo of a Painted Lichen Moth,
Hypoprepia fucosa.  That appears to be lichen in your photograph, so we suspect this might be a female laying eggs since according to BugGuide:  “larvae feed on lichen, algae, and moss on trees.”  

Location: St. Peters Village, Pennsylvania

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