Subject: Large Yellow & Copper Bee
Location: Northern Nevada Mountain Desert
July 4, 2013 5:48 pm
I found this guy buzzing around our yard in Silver City, NV. (It’s just outside of Carson City. ) I have never see anything like this before! I generally don’t have too much trouble figuring out what we have out here (like the Tarantula Hawks – so cool!) but this one has me stumped. He’s copper, yellow & tan, about 1 1/2 ” from end to end & fairly sturdy looking. He’s a very quick flyer! It’s July 4th, 2013 & about 95 degrees outside. What do you think!? THANK YOU!
Signature: Michelle Pedersen

Western Cicada Killer

Western Cicada Killer

Hi Michelle,
We are quite excited to post your photo of a Western Cicada Killer,
Specius grandis, a relatively underrepresented species on our site.  During summer months, we get numerous identification requests for Eastern Cicada Killers, but nice photos of the western species are relatively rare for us.  Female Cicada Killer Wasps sting and paralyze Cicadas to provide food for their young.  More information and photos can be found on BugGuide.  Though we imagine Cicada Killers might deliver a painful sting to humans, they are not aggressive and we have never received a substantiated report of a person being stung.

Thanks so much for such a quick reply! It makes sense that we would have a cicada killer right now because we have a very large migration of cicadas coming through, too. (First time I can remember this in 10 years, as well.) Very cool – thanks for solving the mystery!!

Location: Silver City, Nevada

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  1. Anita says:

    I believe this is the kind of creature I saw in Hell’s Canyon. Near Oregon, Idaho and Washington. As it resembled a very large bee( which I’m allergic to) I kept my distance and could not get a picture of it.

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