Subject: beetle with sunflower seeds for wings!
Location: portland OR
July 4, 2013 2:39 pm
was walking out of a shop in North Portland and saw this little guy. think it’s a June bug. your thoughts?
Signature: rob

Ten Lined June Beetle

Ten Lined June Beetle

Dear Rob,
This is a very nice image of a Ten Lined June Beetle, a species found in the western portion of North America.  This is our featured Bug of the Month for July, but alas, our scrolling feature bar is not correctly displaying the posts we want to feature and we need to determine why this technical glitch has occurred.


Location: Portland, Oregon

3 Responses to Ten Lined June Beetle

  1. caught one of these in Yosemite National Park at Camp 4 in August of 2011

  2. Bob Ashworth says:

    We have this beetle very year in Elk WA, north of Spokane. They like to hang on the screen doors and window screens.

  3. Craig S. says:

    These very cool and curious little beetles were abundant until about 2005 or so with fewer and fewer every June in Central valley Calif. However I saw 1 this year. In September.

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