Subject: Beetle ID
Location: Yuba City, CA. N of Sacramento
July 2, 2013 10:04 pm
what kind of bugs are these?? They are all over my yard, and a few are in the house. they are about 3/8 – 1/2 inch
Signature: Scott

Mediterranean Seed Bug

Mediterranean Seed Bug

Dear Scott,
You have Mediterranean Seed Bugs,
Xanthochilus saturnius, an invasive, exotic species that is, according to BugGuide:  “native to Europe and the Mediterranean, adventive in NA (WA-CA) and now locally abundant” and “can be very abundant in grass seed fields in so. OR.”  It was first reported in North America in 1994.

Great thanks…. So how do i get rid of them!!!

We do not provide extermination advice, and we tried unsuccessfully to find an agricultural fact sheet on them.

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Location: Yuba City, California

2 Responses to Mediterranean Seed Bug

  1. Luz Maria says:

    These Mediterranean seed bugs are in Oregon for sure, I’ve seen them on the porch of my 2nd floor apartment.

  2. Brandi says:

    If anyone knows how to get rid of these Mediterranean seed bugs please let me know, they are taking over my yard and my house. …..ewww!

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