Subject: I <3 this grasshopper (locust?)
Location: Coryell County, Texas
July 1, 2013 11:23 pm
This grasshopper was hanging around the front door this afternoon. I love the heart-shaped pattern. What a face! Although this bug may be to blame for the large holes eaten out of the amaryllis leaves, it looks fascinatingly prehistoric. Breezy, cool (!) day at 80 degrees.
Signature: Ellen


Grasshopper: Spharagemon equale

Hi Ellen,
We have a memory of posting a similar image in the past, but we are unable to locate it in our archives.  We have not had any luck with a species ID on the internet either, however, we did find two similar images, both from Texas.  One photo is on a forum called Texas Bowhunter and the other on Poetry From The Starlite Cafe.  Perhaps one of our readers can assist with this.

Update:  July 5, 2013
Ellen provided a comment that David J. Ferguson at BugGuide identified this Shorthorned Grasshopper as Spharagemon equale.

Location: Coryell County, Texas

5 Responses to Short-Horned Grasshopper: Spharagemon equale

  1. Ellen says:

    I love the references from the bow hunting and poetry. Wonderful!
    I’ve been doing some research and found a checklist for Texas Orthoptera,
    which led me to two species of Cibolacris grasshoppers, Cibolacris parviceps (Walker) (Otte, 1981) and Cibolacris samalayucae Tinkham (Otte, 1981) one of which *might* be our grasshopper. Maybe!! Here is the Cibolacris group on Bug Guide: Thank you so much! ~ Ellen 🙂

  2. Ellen says:

    David J. Ferguson of Bug Guide kindly identified the grasshopper as Spharagemon equale, probably a male. How wonderful that volunteers work at your site and at Bug Guide! Thank you .

    Here is the Bug Guide link:
    Here is a link to OSF online:

  3. Margaret says:

    We found one with the heart where do they come from

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