Subject: A good Upstate NY Nursery Spider pic for your site
Location:  Upstate New York
July 2, 2013 6:13 pm
Hi folks,
After checking out Nursery Web spiders on your site, I thought you might appreciate having this photo possibly for posting on your site.
I took this photo on June 3, 2013, on my front porch in Saratoga Springs New York. We have begun seeing a LOT of these in the past 2 years in this area and we have some friends who are a bit freaked out by them, but by doing some reading (here and other sources) I’ve been able to calm some concerns and let people know that these are basically harmless. Just big and kind of intimidating.
I believe that this one is a female full of eggs ready to birth soon.
Feel free to use it if you like. (and let me know if you want original full images, I took several).
Signature: Dave

Nursery Web Spider

Nursery Web Spider

Hi Dave,
Your Nursery Web Spider is Pisaurina mira, and she really is quite lovely and an excellent addition to our site.

Location: New York

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