Subject: Strange hornet?
Location: Alger, WA
June 27, 2013 11:51 pm
This critter flew into my yard. Can you tell me what the heck it is??
Signature: Sunshine



Hi Sunshine,
Your name reminds us that we have spent far too much time at the computer updating the website and responding to questions this morning, and it is really time for us to enter the real world.  It is going to be sunny and hot in Los Angeles today.  This is a Sawfly, a member of the insect order Hymenoptera, which includes wasps and bees.  Unlike wasps and bees, Sawflies are incapable of stinging.  They can often be identified because of clubbed antennae.  Perhaps later in the day we will have an opportunity to do the research to properly identify the species of Sawfly you have submitted.

Location: Alger, Washington

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