Subject: What’s this giant bug? A beetle?
Location: Knoxville, TN
June 27, 2013 5:04 pm
Please tell me what this giant beetle is. He has a hairy underside and is a little green. He was found near a furnace in the basement in Knoxville, TN today (6/27).
Signature: SKA

Female Eastern Hercules Beetle

Female Eastern Hercules Beetle

Dear SKA,
We wish you would release this female Eastern Hercules Beetle,
Dynastes tityus, outdoors so that she might have a chance to mate and lay eggs.  While they are not considered rare, they are hardly plentiful.  Male Eastern Hercules Beetles are even larger and they have quite impressive horns.  This is the heaviest beetle in North America.

Female Eastern Hercules Beetle

Female Eastern Hercules Beetle

Wow! That is it…thanks! She was released in the woods last night as a matter of fact! I have never seen one that size before…and to think it had somehow made its way inside is frightening! I just don’t know how she could have come inside undetected!
Thanks again!
– Kirk

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

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  1. Abbey says:

    I found one of these on my driveway today. She was on her back so I flipped her over. Later on she was gone, so I hope she made it safely to the woods. Never saw one like this-it was big and beautiful!

  2. Abbey says:

    By the way, I live in Cleveland, TN, about 90 minutes south of the original poster, SKA.

  3. bridgette buntley says:

    just found one of these at a sonic had to take it home and show the kids. released afterward. shelbyville tn

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