Subject: strange 6 legged bug with barbed pincers
Location: akumal mexico suspected picture taken near austin texas
June 23, 2013 9:39 pm
i came home from akumal mexico and cleaned my water shoes and this odd bug came out. my friends at texas parks and wildlife had never seen anything like it
tailless whip scorpion was as close as i found
Signature: krazee fave

Tailless Whipscorpion

Tailless Whipscorpion

Dear krazee fave,
You are correct that this is a Tailless Whipscorpion.  We cannot say for certain that you did not bring it back from Akumal, Mexico, but it does resemble a species,
Phrynus operculatus, that is found in Texas according to BugGuide.

Location: Austin, Texas

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