Subject: Gathering of leaf footed bug nymphs
Location: Singapore
June 24, 2013 8:58 pm
Hi there, I visited your site, hoping to get some answers about a curious group of insects and I am so happy to share this picture. I think they are little leaf footed bug nymphs, planning to take over the world! Or that next patch of tasty flowers.
Signature: Melvin

Heteropteran Nymphs

Heteropteran Nymphs

Dear Melvin,
These might be Leaf Footed Bug Nymphs in the family Coreidae, or they might be Heteropteran Nymphs in some other True Bug Family.  We like the graphic quality of your gridlike photo.

Location: Singapore

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  1. Mary Coppinger says:

    I can’t find any info on whether Heteropteran bugs (adult, triangular shape with red border) are considered beneficial or not in the garden. Can you help?

    • bugman says:

      Some Heteropterans are beneficial predators, some benign and some are considered agricultural pests. We need more specificity.

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