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Location:  Virginia
June 22, 2013
I’m in Virginia and was shocked to find this huge mosquito. From what I can find on the web it is a gallinipper and has recently been spotted in Florida and Alabama. Can you confirm this?
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Hi Neaderpaul,
We agree that this looks like a Gallinipper,
Psorophora ciliata.  According to BugGuide:  “The word gallinipper originated as a vernacular term in the southeastern US referring to ‘a large mosquito or other insect that has a painful bite or sting’ and has appeared in folk tales, traditional minstrel songs, and a blues song referencing a large mosquito with a ‘fearsome bite’ (McCann 2006).   However, the Entomological Society of America has not recognized ‘gallinipper’ or ‘shaggy-legged gallinipper’ as an official common name for Psorophora ciliata (ESA 2012).”  The data page on BugGuide shows the range as far north as Canada.
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Comment Courtesy of Angel van Gulik:  January 17, 2017
The other I was questioning was [this].
The coloration on the side of the thorax is atypical of the Psorophora ciliata, but it could be due to the lighting the picture was taken in.  Since I can’t see the top of the scutum to verify whether or not the golden mid-dorsal line is present, I can’t say for sure it isn’t.  Given the habitat and size, gallinipper is probably correct.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Virginia

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  1. Rachel says:

    My used to say that her mom called a different insect a gallinipper, which I later saw in a book is known as the crane fly, and since I’ve moved to Texas, I’ve found they are known as mosquito hawks. It surprises me to find that gallinipper is also a name for a mosquito.

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