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Subject: Weird worm swimming in toilet
Location: North Carolina
June 23, 2013 7:58 am
I woke up one morning and found tuis thing swimming in my toilet. This was BEFORE I used it! I have looked all over the Internet and can’t seem to find anything like it. It is rather flat, appears segmented and has a beak like protrusion on one end. It is literally swimming around in the water. I just moved into my place in February and am on a septic. Could it be something from that? Hopefully it didn’t come from inside my spouse!! We live on a coastal region of south eastern NC.
Signature: Grossed out on North Carolina

Fly Larva

Fly Larva

Dear Grossed out on North Carolina,
This is a Fly Larva, though we cannot say for certain which family.  Many Horse Flies have aquatic larvae, but this does not look like a Horse Fly Larva.  It looks most like a Soldier Fly Larva in the family Stratiomyidae.  See this image on BugGuide.  Your guess that it came up the drain from the septic tank is very possible.


What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: North Carolina

9 Responses to Fly Larva found in Toilet

  1. Romona McGrane says:

    I also found this fly larva swimming in my toilet. I totally freaked, thinking I had worms, since I have had stomach problems, and was given medicine for bloating, which gave me diarrhea (but nothing was in the stool).
    This bug was just swimming in the toilet when I went to us the toilet. My question is, can it get inside humans?

  2. Susan hall says:

    Why do these only show up when it rains alot?
    Are they coming from the septic tank?

  3. Jason Owens says:

    Found one of these in my toilet this morning have been freaking out all day thinking it came from me. Didn’t see it till I was about to flush. Any help would be awesome thanks.

    • Grossed out says:

      I found one of these in my toilet after I went pee. I’ve been sick and not sure if it came from inside me or the toilet but I
      Haven’t seen any more in the toilet since. I’m taking my “wormy” to an Infectious Disease Doctor tomorrow, they wanted me to freeze it. I’ll let you know what I find out!

      Did that come from me or the toilet?

  4. I am in a panic, there were 2 of these in my toilet this morning. Any updates from previous posters? Help! I just want to know they are not living inside me!

  5. Ismail says:

    I’m also wondering, what is it?
    How it come?
    Where it form?
    How to get ridoff?

  6. Sarah j Pierce says:

    My dogs water jug had TONS of these in it. I have no idea how they got there. What are they?? Can they hurt my dogs if they ingested them??

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