Subject: I do not know what type of moths these are so please Help!
Location: Middle of florida
June 22, 2013 11:07 am
Dear Bugman,
I am a kid and i found these moth of some sort on my porch near a light. I am wondering what these moths are, what they eat, and if they are native. Please reply soon! Thanks.
Signature: Dr. Erica Marie Kilkenny

Female Io Moth

Female Io Moth

Dear Dr. Erica Marie Kilkenny,
Congratulations on eaning such an advanced degree while still being a “kid”.  This lovely moth is a female Io Moth, and in this resting position, she is concealing her underwings.  If she is prodded by a potential predator like a bird, the Io Moth will reveal her underwings which contain large spots that resemble eyes that might startle the predator into thinking that a much larger creature may harm the predator, thereby saving the moth from being eaten.  Io Moths exhibit sexual dimorphism, meaning males and females are very different in appearance.  The male Io Moth, which is the poster moth for National Moth Week, has yellow upper wings while the female’s upper wings are brown.  Io Moths are Giant Silk Moths in the family Saturniidae, and like other members of the family, they do not eat as adults.  Io Moths only survive a few days to a week as adults during which time they mate and the female lays eggs.  Caterpillars of the Io Moth have spines and they should be handled with caution to avoid being stung.

Location: Florida

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