Subject: killer fly
Location: northern mi
June 21, 2013 8:32 am
I thinkthisis a killer fly eating a rosebug. I have never seen one with yellow . Thanks for your time
Jeffrey Pomeroy
Signature: jeffrey pomeroy

Robber Fly eats Japanese Beetle

Robber Fly eats Japanese Beetle

Dear Jeffrey,
The predator in your photo is a Robber Fly and many species of Robber Flies are black and yellow, which makes them effective mimics of Bumble Bees.  The prey in your photo is the invasive, exotic Japanese Beetle which does feed on roses.  When they are plentiful, Japanese Beetles can do major damage to foliage and blossoms of roses and hundreds of other ornamental and garden plants.  Our mother who is an avid gardener refers to the damage caused by Japanese Beetles as “lace doilies” because of the numerous holes in leaves which causes them to resemble lace when only the veins remain.

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Location: Michigan

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  1. Thanks for the quick response !

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