Subject: Insect ID
Location: Lakeland, Florida
June 21, 2013 6:09 am
Saw this cool looking insect on my house last night while walking one of my dogs. I snapped a shot with my cell phone. Very interesting and beautiful insect. I thought it might be of the Damselfly family?
What do you think?
Signature: John

Antlion:  Glenurus gratus

Antlion: Glenurus gratus

Dear John,
It is easy to see why you confused this Antlion with a Damselfly.  This is Glenurus gratus, and it is arguably the loveliest Antlion in North America.  It is unfortunate that is has no specific common name.  See BugGuide for additional information.

Thanks so much Daniel for the quick response. It is a very beautiful insect. I hope I see it again sometime.
Appreciate it,

Location: Lakeland, Florida

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