Subject: Magnolia green jumper?
Location: Chincoteague Island, VA, USA
June 19, 2013 4:26 pm
Came across this gorgeous little creature last week, on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. My best guess is that he’s a magnolia green jumper, but the photos I’ve found online didn’t seem conclusive. Your thoughts?
Signature: Sterling

Magnolia Green Jumper

Magnolia Green Jumper

Dear Sterling,
We agree that this is a Magnolia Green Jumper,
Lyssomanes viridis.  Compare your image to this photo on BugGuide.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks very much! I hadn’t come across that BugGuide photo in my own searches, but that’s definitely him. I appreciate the help!

Location: Chincoteague Island, Virginia

3 Responses to Magnolia Green Jumper

  1. Doris Allen says:

    looks like a new spider bite lol

  2. seen him the other day in northern manitoba

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