Subject: No clue what this is!
Location: Central NY
June 14, 2013 5:22 pm
Today this ”bug” was flying around some flowers at my in-laws. At least 6 of us approached this without it being spooked while we observed it and tried to figure out what it was. Sorry if this picture isn’t clear enough. It flies exactly like a hummingbird but has the body of what looks like a bee or a moth. It was moving flower to flower and was inserting something into each flower like a hummingbird would. We live in Central NY and none of us has ever seen anything like this. Any insight would be appreciated! Thank you!
Signature: Michele from NY

Hummingbird Moth

Hummingbird Clearwing Moth

Dear Michele from NY,
This is some species of diurnal Sphinx Moth, possibly a member of the genus Hemaris which includes the Hummingbird Clearwing and the Snowberry Clearwing or Bumblebee Moth.  For more on the Hummingbird Clearwing Moth, you can read the Sphingidae of the Americas website.  You need a faster shutter speed like 2000 to “freeze” the blurring of the wings.

Snowberry Clearwing

Hummingbird Clearwing from our archives

Thank you so much! I will have to let everyone else know! It was so interesting to look at. I’m very surprised none of us have seen one before since they are indigenous to eastern US.  I will have to bring my camera over to get better pictures!(we used a camera phone before) Again, thank you so much for your help.

Location: New York

2 Responses to Diurnal Sphinx looks like Hummingbird Clearwing Moth

  1. it’s definitely a hummingbird moth

  2. Looks like the Hummingbird Clearwings I get here in CT.

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