Subject: What is this thing?
Location: Bangor, Pennsylvania
June 2, 2013 6:10 pm
I found this crawling around my yard today. At first glance I thought it might be a wasp. But I’m pretty certain its’ not. I’ve done quite an exhaustive search online using obvious keywords w. no luck.
Sorry for the slight blur, this alien would’t sit still!
Hope to get an I.D.
Signature: Paul C.

Crane Fly

Crane Fly

Hi Paul,
Sorry for the delay.  We were away from the office for ten days and we are randomly selecting from the 100s of unanswered requests we have received in a feeble attempt to make a dent in our inbox.  This is a female Crane Fly,
Ctenophora dorsalis, which we identified on BugGuide.

Location: Bangor, Pennsylvania

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